Can humankind improve on the beauty of our natural world? Look around you. Do you see inspiration in your built surroundings and the manner buildings fit into the natural landscape? Do they work together in a partnership of function and art? 

Terra Homage™ organic home plans seek, as an evolution of the Organic principals, to fulfill the physical needs of human kind, while creating an inspirationally built environment uplifting the individual’s spirit. Here, enlightened natural home design awakens all the senses; sight, smell, sound, and touch, with modern technologies in an artistic symphony - a song of innate beauty for the being.  Forms built merge with the natural landscape and microclimate to create a harmonious symbiotic partnership. Your health of mind, spirit, and body are all enhanced by the Earth, s living organic home, as you grow in a more self-sufficient lifestyle and environment. 

From concept to reality....

From concept to reality....

Designer James H. Klippel, a naturalist from birth, has sought through a lifetime of designs and writings, to reconcile the growing rift between humanity and our natural world.  His Terra Homage™ philosophies, art, and home designs represent a vast portfolio of work and structures dating back over 40 years. Terra Homage™, Aqua Homage™, and Extra Terra™, all seek to visualize living of the Earth, Seas, and one day Outer Space, in a manner more harmonious and inspiring to life for all both now and in our future while incorporating, in balance, advancements in materials, science, and technologies.

“Man’s works, must lie in the bosom of Nature,

Cottages be buried in trees,

Or under vines and moss,

Like rocks, that they may not

Outrage the landscape.”
— Henry David Thoreau