The Terra Homage™ discipline is the creation of naturalist, designer, and artist James H. Klippel.  James states of his geomorphic design collection, “When we construct homes whilst respecting the Earth we, in course, begin to respect our own nature more, and in turn can respect our human fellows”. The foundation stones of Organic building design were laid down by renowned designer Frank Lloyd Wright over one hundred years ago. He found inspiration from poets, artists, and indigenous peoples of the eons who wrote of and built with natural materials, structures of natural beauty which, as shelter, worked in harmony with the geographic and living surroundings. Jim currently volunteers as a docent at Frank Lloyd Wright buildings helping to spread awareness and education on these types of design principles.


The Future

The future of home design is here now.  Put aside preconceptions of the outer “look” of learned design and seek the “inner beauty” of how you feel living an inspired lifestyle. Merging these philosophies, incorporating timeless natural building materials with the latest in energy saving technologies in engineering, science, and constructed by artisans, creates a “forever home design" which will still be as functional and beautiful for generations to come as it today.


Your Terra Homage™ home begins with designer James H. Klippel walking together with you on the land you hope to build on. Studying the nature of the sites’ vistas, solar energy value, and immediate resources will be combined with your life goals and needs. Synthesizing from this combination your home design will begin, in a form which is entirely your own and grows from the Earth. Here, your daily living will become more inspirational, as you find peace and satisfaction in nature embraced by artistic living.  As your independence grows, you’ll discover and know the subtle beauty in the gifts of the natural world and require less in material things to know how to live fully self sufficiently.

If you have felt these desires, you may already have found the land which inspires you.  Now is the time to begin your journey of Terra Homage™ living. Contact us and together we will create and build your own unique home paying homage to yourself and the land.

“…order and method has been communicated to stones, that they speak and geometrize, become tender to sublime with expression. Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms.”
— Emerson